Juan Pablo Canavire

Juan Pablo Canavire

juampi2Juan Pablo Canavire was born in September 1984 in San Salvador in the province of Jujuy, in the North of Argentina. At 18 years old, he had his first contact with what is his passion today, TANGO.

For three years he formed part of the company ‘Pasión y tango’ in Jujuy. To enrich his dancing he began training in other styles and techniques at the Norma Fontella Superior School of Dance: contemporary, classical ballet, partnering and folk dance.

Wanting to deepen his studies, at 21 years old he travelled to Buenos Aires to fully dedicate himself to dance. Here he found infinite styles and ways of teaching tango. His search lasted three years until one day he arrived at DNI Tango. After taking his first class he felt that he had found the right place, that the search was over. And during more than a year and a half, the ‘Jujeño’ went every afternoon to the studio to take classes, share mate and spend time with the company/family of the school.

For seven years he was part of the School and Company of DNI Tango under the direction of Dana Jazmin Frigoli and Jonny Lambert. In this period of working together we had the pleasure of sharing many projects – including performances in the milongas of Buenos Aires, two beautiful productions ‘La Musa Del Capricho’ and ‘Dos: lo que se Disuelve’, and touring to represent DNI to great acclaim on almost every continent.

Now he is fulfilling another dream, directing the School of DNI Tango Stockholm together with his beloved Sara Westin.

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