Sara Westin

Sara Westin


Sara is a positive, happy and stubborn young lady that was born 1990 in Stockholm. She started dance when she was four years old and when she turned eleven years she entered to The Royal Swedish Ballet school in Stockholm. Sara knew very early that she wanted to be a professional dancer. During her last year in school she went for a trip to Buenos Aires, together with her mom that dances tango, but Sara was only going to take some ballet and contemporary classes. Passing some time in DNI Tango school, the young, talented tango teachers convinced her to at least try Argentinian tango…and she was stuck. She graduated school in 2010 and decided to go back to Buenos Aires for 10 weeks that year. Those planned 10 weeks turned out in 7 months of studying tango in DNI Tango School and a contract in the DNI Tango Company. In DNI Tango Company she was doing great process as a dancer, artist and person. Doing a lot of tango exhibitions at Milongas and Festivals in Buenos Aires and on tours around the world. The latest work was the performance “DOS – Lo que se disuelve”, by Dana Frigoli.And at the side of that, a huge process of teaching tango, and to share our art and passion. Now after almost six great years in DNI Tango in Buenos Aires it’s time for her to bring this great school and experience to her home country Sweden.Today she is directing DNI Tango Stockholm, together with her dance- and life partner Juan Pablo Canavire, that together with her have a lot of new projects ahead.


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